Welcome to the Operating System Performance Module

The Operating System Performance Module was created for the purpose of giving beginning students a brief introduction to Performance Modelling. It is divided into several stations through which a user can take a tour and get familiar with the concepts of performance modelling (analysis).

We suggest that you go through the sections in the given order to have a systematic approach to performance modelling. After getting acquainted with the terms and concepts of the subject, we recommend you use the 'Demonstrations' section to have a hands-on experience in developing and solving the models. This section allows you to feed the input parameters for whichever type of model you want to work with and the solution is given in terms of several performance measures.

We recommend that you use a browser that supports imagemaps, such as NCSA's Mosaic for X-Windows and MS-Windows. However, we also made some provisions for people who don't have browsers that support imagemaps. Anyway, without further ado, please feel free to explore the Performance Module Undergound!

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