As an undergraduate teaching assistant, you will assist other students in classes you have already taken.

We need UTAs for several very different classes, and so we are interested in candidates with any one or more of the following skills: strong English writing; strong presentation capability; strong coding skills; expertise in Python, Java, or C; expertise in hardware architectures, digital logic, or systems coding. It is also helpful to have performed well in previous classes in the CS major, but we very often have UTAs beyond CS students.

The UTA position is an hourly wages job that is meant to work with and around your school schedule. You may be able to work as few as 2 hours per week or as many as 15-20, depending upon your experience and what is needed for the class(es) you assist with. Also, many of a UTA's duties can be done at home, and so the hours are often highly flexible. It helps if you're a CS major, but we often hire UTAs beyond CS students, so long as you possess the required skills.

UTAs are hired (or rehired) each semester. Typically, more positions are available in the fall than in the spring, because we give preference to students who have previously worked successfully as UTAs.

To apply, print out and complete the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Application Form by the "primary application deadline." You can apply later, but applications received by that date will get first priority. Return the completed form to Room 4300 in the Nguyen Engineering building or fax it to 703-993-1710.

Where the application asks for the name of a faculty sponsor, insert the name of a faculty member with whom you have taken a class and done well. (Please note in your application which class(es) you have taken with that professor and what your grade(s) were.) Then, email that faculty member and ask him or her to send a brief email message of recommendation to Prof. Tamara Maddox.

Please note that you must already be accepted as a GMU student to apply for an undergraduate teaching assistantship.