ICST Steering Committee

The International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation — ICST

ICST is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Software Engineering. These pages provide general information on the conference and how it is governed by the steering committee.

ICST Steering Committee

NameLocation  ElectedTerm Expires
Myra CohenUSA20142017
Robert FeldtSweden20142017
Gordon Fraser (Chair)UK20122018
Yves Le TraonFrance20132016
Darko MarinovUSA20152018
Jeff OffuttUSA20142017
Alex OrsoUSA20132016
John PenixUSA20132016
Franz WotawaAustria20152018

Past ICST Steering Committee Members

NameLocation  Term
Anneliese Andrews  USA2007-2012
Benoit Baudry  France2007-2014 (Chair 2011-2013)
Antonia Bertolino  Italy2012-2015
Lionel Briand  Luxembourg2007-2014 (Chair 2013-2014)
Ana Cavalli  France2010-2013
Mark Harman  UK2007-2010
Rob Hierons  UK2007-2012
Yvan Labiche  Canada2012-2015
Yves Le Traon  France2007-2010
Aditya Mathur  USA2007-2009
Atif Memon  USA2010-2013
Jeff Offutt  USA2007-2011 (Chair, 2007-2011)
Gregg Rothermel  USA2010-2013
Per Runeson  Sweden2009-2012
Ina Schieferdecker  Germany2011-2014
Clay Williams  USA2007-2010

Proposals for ICST Conferences

We are committed to planning conference locations at least two years in advance. If you are interested in hosting a conference, please contact any member of the Steering Committee. We would like to begin a discussion as early as possible so that we can include your proposal into our long-term plans and so that future organizers can be included in previous conferences.

About ICST

The ICST conference offers an open forum for software testing, verification and validation research and its transfer to practice. Among other things, it attempts to stimulate scientific research on model-based software testing, empirical studies of testing techniques, and the technology transfer of research results to software development practices. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
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