Welcome to GMU's Applied Robotics Club

The mission of the Applied Robotics Club is to provide opportunities for students to design, build, and program autonomous robots for fun and competition.


  • WHEN: Friday's at 1:00pm.
  • WHERE: Engineering Building, Room 2247 (Autonomous Robotics Lab)

How to Join the Club

  1. Attend weekly meetings
  2. Get involved with current project(s) or come up with a new project

Club Officers

  • Acting President, David Fleming (dflemin8@gmu.edu)
  • Vice President, Michael Bowen (mbowen7@gmu.edu)
  • Secretary,
  • Treasurer, Sam Gelman (sgelman@gmu.edu)
  • Graduate Helper, Kevin Andrea (kandrea@gmu.edu)
  • Faculty Advisor, Dr. Sean Luke (sean@cs.gmu.edu)

Fall 2013 Club Links

Fall 2009 Club Links