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Class Announcements

  • 12.21.2010: Grades will be migrated to Patriotweb. Excellent work everyone. Have a great new year ahead! and hope you enjoyed the semester.
  • 12.21.2010: Grades for Final Exam along with earned grade has been posted on The mean for Finals was 72.0, with a maximum achieved of 92.0. The total score was computed out of 105 and the grade range was used exactly as mentioned in the syllabus i.e., > 97 A+, 92-97 A, 88-92 A-, 84-88 B+, 76-80 B-, 72-76 C+, 68-72 C, 64-68 C-, 60-64 D, < 60 F. (Rounding was done when scores were at the boundary towards a higher grade.). Here is how the grades looked like this year
  • 12.13.2010: Grades for Class Participation and HW4 are on The total computed is out of 80. The final is worth another 25%.
  • 12.08.2010: Next week office hours will be Wednesday from 4-6 pm. The TA will hold office hours on Thursday. You can collect the graded HW4 from me then.
  • 12.08.2010: Final Review Slides Posted
  • 12.06.2010: Handouts for class posted here
  • 11.29.2010: Slides for Virtual Memory updated
  • 11.27.2010: Detailed Readings for Chapter 6 updated. Practice Problems: 6.2, 6.3, 6.6, 6.16
  • 11.22.2010: The final exam will be held on 12/20/2010 from 1:30 pm – 4:15 pm in ST 1, #206 (class room)
  • 11.22.2010: Detailed Readings for Chapter 5 updated
  • 11.17.2010: Grades for HW3 posted on blackboard.
  • 11.17.2010: Today's write-pair-share activity is here
  • 11.15.2010: David Kim points out potential issue with sshing into zeus.

    it's because GMU has a password policy that forces us to change our passwords every 180 days. If they head to "" they can change it to a new one and it works after that.

  • 11.14.2010: Class Slides for Cache Updated
  • 11.13.2010: HW4 is online. Due on 12.06.2010. (Max Teams of 2)
  • 11.10.2010: Slides for Caches updated
  • 11.03.2010: Please solve this exercise before next class.
  • 11.02.2010: Slides for pipeline processor update
  • 10.31.2010: Detailed Readings & Slides Updated
  • 10.28.2010: Hint for Problem 4.7.1: While computing the clock cycle time for ADD, you need to figure out the latency of the different stages like (instruction fetch, instruction decode ....). To compute the latency of instruction fetch, two things are going on - the PC is incremented by 4 using an adder & at the same time the instruction is being fetched from the I-Mem. Which path takes the longer time will be added to the total latency of the add instruction. HTH.
  • 10.27.2010: Grades for class-participation (2.5% weight of the total) online on blackboard.
  • 10.25.2010: Grades for Mid-Term and HW-2 uploaded on blackboard
  • 10.24.2010: Class Slides Updated
  • 10.20.2010: Any comments on the mid-term ? . I will try to have it graded soon.
  • 10.19.2010: HW 3 is online. This is an individual assignment.
  • 10.17.2010: Slides for Processor Uploaded
  • 10.12.2010: Tomorrow (10/13) there will be a Mid-Term Review.
  • 10.11.2010: The syllabus for Mid-Term will include Chapter 1, 2 and 3. Please check the detailed readings for a listing of sections that the Mid-Term covers. It will be a closed book, closed notes, no cheat sheets or laptops allowed exam. Calculators are fine.
  • 10.08.2010 Detailed Readings updated
  • 10.06.2010: Remember our next class is on a Tuesday- 10.12.2010. I will have office hours on Tuesday 10.12.2010 from 4:45-6:45 pm.
  • 09.27.2010: Clarifying pseudodirect addressing.

    In case of pseudodirect addressing, we have unsigned address representation in the available 26 bits because unlike the PC-relative addressing, we are not adding the value stored in 26 bits to PC but just concatenating the upper 4 bits of PC as upper 4 bits of the address value being created. This does not mean we cannot jump backwards.

  • 09.27.2010: HW 2 is online.
  • 09.26.2010: HW 2 will be up soon. It needs to be done in teams of two (max). Please find a partner for working on this assignment. You can use the discussion forum for this purpose.
  • 09.21.2010: Detailed Readings updated for Chapter 2.
  • 09.19.2010: Two typos in the textbook for HW1 exercises. See the discussion-1 and discussion-2
  • 09.19.2010: Slides uploaded
  • 09.13.2010: HW1 is online.
  • 09.08.2010: Please note the class location beginning Monday will be Science and Technology 1, Room #206.
  • 09.06.2010: Detailed Readings for Chapter 1 posted.
  • 09.01.2010: Update to HW0: If you are a PC user and would like to use xspim by "ssh" ing into zeus you will have to use a ssh client that allows X11 forwarding. The option is to install Cygwin. Please see the ITE Labs FAQ for the same. Alternatively you could just use PCSpim by installing it on your PC machines as described in the assignment. Thanks to Emily for pointing this out.
  • 08.30.2010: Please note Kavin's [TA] office is #4456 in Engineering building not #4457. . Slides and Readings posted.
  • 08.30.2010: Pre-requisites for this class: CS 367 [Computer Systems Programming] with a grade of C or better.
  • 08.27.2010: Slight change in the syllabus reflecting classroom participation grade
  • 08.24.2010: Welcome to CS 465 (Computer Architecture). The syllabus and class website is up and available here . Be ready to have a smashing semester!

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