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Last update 30 October 2014
SWE 632 : User Interface Design and Development
Schedule — Fall 2014

Week Date Topic Readings Project Evals
      Handouts Due Dates Exercises
128-Aug Introduction and Background Class admin
S-Ch. 1
   $300,000,000 button
  1a: Checkout
1 minute essay
24-Sep Theory, Psychology
Analytical Thinking
S-Ch. 2.1-2.3.5
C-Ch. 1
   Don't Make Me Think
   The book
Project assigned 1a due
1b: Tablet
Group exercise
311-Sep Mental Models C-Ch. 1
Mental Models
   Apple's Flatland
Statement of Intent due 1b due
1a notes
Group exercise
418-Sep Etiquette, Posture, and Intermediate Users C-Ch. 8, 9, 10
   Firefox Transient
User Profile due 2a: TV Guide
1b Tablet notes
Group exercise
525-Sep Flow, Excise, and Metaphors C-Ch. 11, 12 13
   Flow in Firefox
Interface Goals due 2a due
5 minute essay
62-Oct Data Entry and Error Handling
   Flow in Firefox
13, C-Ch. 14, 15 Technology Demo due
Deploying servlets
Int Goals comments
2b due
3a: Drawing tool
2a notes
Group exercise
79-Oct Different Needs and Visual Design C-Ch. 16, 17   3a due
3b: Music player
2b notes
5 minute essay
816-Oct Midterm Exam
923-Oct Midterm Review
Designing for the Desktop
C-Ch. 18
Screen Designs due 3b due
4a: Email
1030-Oct Designing for Mobile &
Other Devices
C-Ch. 19 Screen design notes 4a due
4b: Travel site
3b notes
Group exercise
116-Nov Designing for the Web C-Ch. 20
  4b due
5: eRepublik game
Group exercise
1213-Nov Design Details:
Controls & Dialogs
C-Ch. 21    
1320-Nov Usable Security Usable Security
(No reading, see slides on Piazza)
Demoable projects due
5 due
5 minute essay
 27-Nov Thanksgiving—no class      
144-Dec Exemplar Project Demos
Wrapup & review
Final review Non-Demo projects due 5 notes
 8-9-Dec Reading Days Per GMU policy, late projects CANNOT be submitted on or after the reading day.
1511-Dec FINAL EXAM 4:30 - 7:15    

Note: S-Ch. X means chapter X in Shneiderman; C-Ch. X means chapter X in Cooper.