SWE 637 Homework 10
Fall 2017
Logic-Based Coverage

Due 20-November, beginning of class

Simple systems are not feasible because they require infinite testing.
—Norman Ralph Augustine

Answer the following questions. Bring hardcopies of your answers to class; either hand written or printouts. All homeworks are due before class on the due date. You may use one of the collaborative options as specified on the syllabus, but any help not allowed by that policy will be an honor code violation.

  1. (10 pts.) Exercise 8.4, Number 1 from Ammann & Offutt, edition 2.
  2. (10 pts.) Exercise 8.5, Number 5 from Ammann & Offutt, edition 2. Note that you do not need to implement your tests into JUnit, but you do need to include the expected output.

    The bonus will be worth up to 5 extra points. Also, it must be submitted with the rest of the homework. That is, you may not submit the homework on time and the bonus portion late.

  3. BONUS: Define a predicate for which CACC can be satisfied, but for which at least one of the RACC requirements is infeasible. You may define a predicate by itself, or embed it inside a software artifact such as a method, FSM, or design document.