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Quiz Number 4

SWE 637, Fall 2017
2 October

Print your name on the line, top right, then answer the questions as concisely as you can. Please write neatly; if I can’t read your answer I have to mark it wrong.

  1. (5 pts.) Answer each of the following questions about Input Domain Modeling with either a T=true or F=false:

    1.      IDMs should include invalid values.

    2.      Well designed IDMs yield only happy-path tests.

    3.      When designing IDMs, testers often use the program source.

    4.      IDMs can be modified to get fewer tests, but not to get more tests.

    5.      IDMs can be created without tool support.

  2. (5 pts.) Consider a calculator class that can add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers in base-10, base-8, and base-2 in either regular or scientific notation. Design a very small IDM for this software. Your answer should be in the form of a table with characteristics and blocks, as in the slides last week.