SWE 637 Homework 8
Spring 2017
Graph Testing, including Dataflow

This week there are two exercises. You need to do both.

  1. Ammann/Offutt Exercises 7.2.2, Number 5(a-g) (page 122).
  2. Ammann/Offutt, Exercises Section 7.2.3, Number 1(a-f) (pages 129-130). Do Graph II only.
    Provide an explicit table for part (c) that shows whether each test path tours a given du-path directly. If there is no direct tour, show whether the du-path is toured with a sidetrip. See the worked examples for a model of how to do this.

Note that the graph and dataflow coverage tools on the book web site will let you check (most of) your work. However, you should be prepared to work a similar example without the tool on Quiz 7.