A Direct Texture Placement and Editing Interface
Yotam I. Gingold, Philip L. Davidson, Jefferson Y. Han, Denis Zorin
In Proceedings of UIST 2006, Montreux, Switzerland, October 2006.

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The creation of most models used in computer animation and computer games requires the assignment of texture coordinates, texture painting, and texture editing. We present a novel approach for texture placement and editing based on direct manipulation of textures on the surface. Compared to conventional tools for surface texturing, our system combines UV-coordinate specification and texture editing into one seamless process, reducing the need for careful initial design of parameterization and providing a natural interface for working with textures directly on 3D surfaces.

A combination of efficient techniques for interactive constrained parameterization and advanced input devices makes it possible to realize a set of natural interaction paradigms. The texture is regarded as a piece of stretchable material, which the user can position and deform on the surface, selecting arbitrary sets of constraints and mapping texture points to the surface; in addition, the multi-touch input makes it possible to specify natural handles for texture manipulation using point constraints associated with different fingers. Pressure can be used as a direct interface for texture combination operations. The 3D position of the object and its texture can be manipulated simultaneously using two-hand input.