I’m interested in the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s program, who should I speak with first? Prospective Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s students should first first speak with their Undergraduate Academic Advisor in order to determine if they’re a good fit for the Accelerated program.

What is the GPA requirement to apply for the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s program? A minimum GPA of 3.3 is required to apply for the program. Please be advised that meeting the minimum required benchmarks for the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s is not a guarantee that a student will be accepted into the program.

When is the earliest that I can apply for the program? You may apply for the program once you’ve reached 75 credits, but your application will not begin being processed until you’ve reached 90 credits. Your application will be held until you’ve notified VSE Graduate Admissions that you’ve reached 90 credits and your final grades have posted. VSE Graduate Admissions can be reached at vsegadm@gmu.edu.

Who should I list as my recommender? When completing the application for the Accelerated BS/MS program, you should state that your recommender is Dr. Elizabeth White, Associate Chair of the Computer Science Department.

How will this impact my F-1 or J-1 status? F-1 and J-1 students must request a change of program level and an I-20/DS-2019 extension at the time that they move from the undergraduate to graduate level of study. Funding for this additional time in F-1 or J-1 status must also be documented due to the federal immigration regulations. Any questions or concerns regarding this should be directed to the Office of International Programs and Services. OIPS can be reached at oips@gmu.edu.

What supplemental materials do I need to submit with my application? Aside from providing Dr. White’s contact information (see question #4), no supplemental materials are required.

How long will the decision review take for my application? The decision review process for Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s applications can take approximately four to six weeks. Please be advised that during peak times there may be a delay in application processing.

How will I receive my decision? Decisions regarding your application will be released within the Application Portal.

When do I apply for my undergraduate degree conferral? You may apply for degree conferral once the application to graduate for your intended semester of conferral has opened. You will complete this process through Patriot Web. Graduation Timelines can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.

How many credits taken during my undergraduate degree can be used towards my graduate degree? Up to 12 credits taken during your undergraduate degree program can be used towards your graduate degree, with 6 of those credits being overlapping and the remaining six credits being reserved graduate credits.

What is the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Transition formThe Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Transition form designates how graduate level courses taken during your undergraduate program will be applied to your Master’s program. Within this form you will indicate which overlapping courses you have taken/intend to take within the “Advanced Standing” section. Additionally, if you choose to take reserved credits, you would indicate those within the “Reserve Graduate Credit” section. Please be advised that you do have to take at least three credits of overlapping graduate credits, but you do not have to take reserve credits.

I want to switch my Accelerated Master’s program, what should I do? If you’re already in Senior Plus status we recommend that you remain within your current program. Then, once you’re classified as a Graduate Student, you may submit a Graduate Change of Program application. If you wish to change your graduate program before you’re classified as a Graduate Student, you will have to submit an entirely new Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s application.

Why aren’t my overlapping credits showing up on my Degree Works? The overlapping credits are not processed into Degree Works until after the drop date in the semester following your undergraduate degree conferral. For example, if you graduated in Spring of 2019, the overlapping credits wouldn’t be applied until the drop date in September 2019.

I’m in Senior Plus status but I’m receiving an error when trying to register for a 500-level/600-level course, what should I do? As long as you’re classified as a Senior Plus student and trying to register for an approved overlapping course, which can be found on the Mason Catalog, please contact csgrad@gmu.edu and we will be able to issue an override for that course. Please be advised that an override is not a guarantee that you will be able to get into a course.

When do I have to declare my concentration for MS CS / MS ISA? Students should declare their concentration within their first semester of being a full member of the Master’s program. Declaring a concentration is done using the Graduate Change of Program form.

When do I become a member of the Master’s program? Students begin their graduate program the semester following their undergraduate degree conferral. Please note that this is only applicable to the Fall and Spring semesters, i.e. a student who had their undergraduate degree conferred in the Spring semester would then begin their graduate program in Fall of the same year.