Primary course 
CS 580 (Artificial Intelligence) 

Primary textbook 
S. J. Russell and P. Norvig. Artifical Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Prentice Hall, 3rd edition, 2010. 

Topic  Description  Readings (Russell and Norvig) 
Search Methods  1. Uninformed search methods (breadth-first, depth-first, uniform-cost search)

2. Heuristic search methods (hill-climbing, best-first, A*) 

3. Constraint Satisfaction 

4. Game playing (mini-max, alpha-beta prunning, heuristic search) 

Ch II Problem Solving (sections 3-6) 
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning  1. First-order logic and natural deduction

2. Clausal form of logic and resolution theorem proving

3. Production systems (forward and backward chaining) 

4. Ontologies, frame systems and semantic networks 

5. Planning 

6. Uncertainty and Probabilistic Reasoning 

Ch III (sections 7-12)

Ch IV (sections 13-14) 

Learning  1. Learning from observations (decision tree learning, version space learning)

2. Explanation-based learning 

3. Statistical Learning (complete data, instance-based, and neural networks) 

Ch V (sections 18-20) 
Communication and Perception  1. Natural language processing (lexicographics, syntax, semantics)

2. Perception 

Ch. VI (sections 22-24)