ICST Steering Committee

ICST Corporate Sponsorship

The ICST steering committee and the individual organizing committees are committed to encouraging research and industrial collaboration and cross-fertilization. All research in the field should have the potential to be useful to the software industry and each conference will have features specifically designed to attract industrial participation.

Sponsorship Levels

ICST invites companies to monetarily contribute to the success of conferences. The following levels of sponsorship have been established to give companies options that are appropriate to their goals.

Sponsorship Designation

Funds can be used for various purposes, including a general fund to reduce the registration fees, a travel fund for students, sponsoring specific technical events, or sponsoring breaks or social events. Companies can designate funds for a specific purpose or leave it up to the discretion of the conference.

More Information

Companies interested in sponsoring ICST should please contact any member of the steering committee (current members with contact information are on the home page) or the general chair of the next conference (Anneliese Andrews for ICST 2009).
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