ICST Steering Committee

ICST Proposal Guidelines

The ICST Steering Committee actively solicits proposals for future conferences. As stated in the charter, we desire to have conferences planned at least two years in the future. Competing proposals will be evaluated on strategic as well as tactical criteria. The primary strategic criterion is based on geography-an explict ICST goal, as encoded in the charter, is to locate the conference in geographically diverse locations.
The rest of this document describes specific points the steering committee would like to see addressed in a proposal. We also outline general goals for some of these points. Addressing them is especially important when competing proposals are submitted to the SC.
The ICST SC reserves the right to ask for changes in a proposal, including asking for more information, recommendating changes to the organizing committee, requesting the proposal to wait for a later year, and in the case of strong competing proposals, suggesting proposals be combined.
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