Computer Science 101 / 003

Preview of Computer Science


Monday and Wednesday, 1:30 to 2:45 PM, in Room 7 of the Science and Technology II building. Yes, that's 2.5 hours for a 2 hour class. Go figure.


Sean Luke.


Several: 1.There is no text. 2.You must be a CS major. 3.All new CS majors must take this class at the same time as their first CS class (typically CS112, CS211, CS310, or CS367).

About the Class

Computer science is not programming: programming is just one of several of the computer scientist's tools. The class will introduce you to a variety of computer science topics, taught both by the professor and by various faculty in the department and other guest lecturers. There will be at least one course project in small groups.

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As this is the first time this course is being taught, the grading procedure has not yet been settled. However, the course grading will be based in part on: 1.Class participation and attending various departmental and other activities outside of the class. 2.Possible quizzes and/or small tests. 3.The group project. The instructor does not expect the class to have an exam or midterm.


Two notes: 1.Because of errors in scheduling, you cannot take this class at the same time as certain sections of CS112 and CS211: for example, if you're taking CS211, this means you will need to take the night class. Sorry about that. 2.If your first CS class is not CS112, you will need to learn some basic Python. The professor will assist you in this.