CS 325 Introduction to Computer Game Design

Dr. Graham Morgan

Prereq: CS 211

Class: 4:30 pm - 7:10 pm (Innovation Hall 133)

email: gmorgan4@gmu.edu

Office: 330C Sci/Tech II

Office Hours: Tuesday afternoon 2 - 5 (or via prior arrangement - email me)

Teaching Assistant: Ajay Nagarajan (anagara1@gmu.edu)

Teaching Assistant Office Hours: Contact Ajay


To introduce fundamental concepts underpinning computer games development and provide practical experience of the software engineering associated with computer games

Course Outcomes:

Course Outline:

Course Assessment:

Project Details:

Create a simple, fully functional game. Java should be the choice of language. If another language is requested then this must be discussed with Graham first. Game is marked on technical and playability criteria

Honor Code:

The class enforces the GMU Honor Code, and to the more specific honor code policy special to the Department of Computer Science. You will be expected to adhere to this code and policy


If you have a documented learning disability or other condition which may affect academic performance, make sure this documentation is on file with the Office of Disability Services