CS 780/INFS 780

Data Mining for Multimedia Databases

Dr. Jessica Lin

FALL 2008

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Dr. Jessica Lin 

Office: Science & Technology II, Room 453

Phone: 703-993-4693

Email: jessica [AT] cs [DOT] gmu [DOT] edu

Office Hours: Monday 3-5pm


Science & Technology I 120


INFS 755 or CS 750, or permission of instructor. Some programming skills required.


Required (Note: The bookstore has made a mistake and marked this book as "optional.")

Searching Multimedia Databases by Content, Kluwer Academic Press, 1996 (used version available on Amazon.com)


Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, 2nd Edition, Morgan Kauffmann Publishers, March 2006. ISBN 1-55860-901-6.

Course Description:

This course covers advanced techniques for data management, learning, and mining large multimedia databases. Issues related to handling such data including feature selection, compression, high dimensional indexing, interactive search and information retrieval, pattern discovery, and scalability to large datasets are discussed. Mining techniques and data types to be covered include texts/web, images, videos, DNA, temporal, spatial, spatiotemporal databases, stream mining and data visualization.


Grading will be based on assignments, midterm, final, and a project. 

 Assignments: 25%
 Project: 15%
 Midterm: 25%
 Final: 35%

Schedule: TBA