Computer Science 800

Computer Science Colloquium


Amihai Motro


Each semester, the Computer Science Department offers a good number of seminars in a diverse set of topics. These seminars are given by distinguished guest speakers, faculty candidates, and Mason faculty. The Computer Science Department considers attending these research seminars an important part of its doctoral program, and it thus requires every PhD student to enroll in its colloquium course, CS 800, for two semesters.


CS 800 is a 1 credit-hour course, and thus requires attending a 1 hour seminar each week, for a total of up to 14 research seminars (the exact requirement is announced at the beginning of each semester, along with other details specific to the current semester). A passing grade is awarded to students who attend the required number of seminars during the course of the semester. Announcements of upcoming seminars are mailed to all students. They include the title, the speaker, an abstract, the location and the time.

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