INFS 612: Principles and Practices of Communication Networks



·       INFS 501, 515, 590 and SWE 510

Course Description

This course introduces the principles of computer networks and their applications to Internet. Details of layering, protocols, performance, resource allocation, management, security and other contemporary issues related to networks are discussed. Examples of the course material are protocols such as HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP, RSVP, SNMP, algorithms such as Dijkstra’s link state routing, security measures such as firewalls and encryption.

Course Administration

Class Location

Room 134, Innovation Hall

Class Date/Time

Monday, 7:20 – 10:00 pm


Yih-Feng Hwang (

Office Hours

by appointment


Grading Policy

·       The Final Grade will be calculated based on the following policy:


HW Assignments


Term Project


Midterm Exam


Final Exam



·       Any late submission of HW assignments and project assignments will be penalized 10%of points for each day.

·       An incomplete grade (IN) will only be considered under extreme circumstances.  A doctor note with applicable contact information isrequired.

·       In case of GMU Honor Code violations, all violators will be reported under all circumstances, and will have a course grade of F.

Course Textbook

·       Course Textbook (required): Computer Networking, 4/e by Jim F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross (ISBN0-321-49770-8), Addison-Wesley.

Tentative Schedules (Class Web Site)


Aug 25

Ch. 1: Computer Networks and the Internet


Sep 01

University CLOSED (NO CLASS)


Sep 08

Ch. 1: Computer Networks and the Internet


Sep 15



Sep 22

Ch. 2: SMTP & DNS


Sep 29

Ch. 3: Transport Layer


Oct 06

Ch. 3: Transport Layer


Oct 14

Midterm Exam


Oct 20

Ch. 4: IP


Oct 27

Ch. 4: Routing


Nov 03

Ch. 5: Link Layers


Nov 10

Ch. 5: Local Area Networks


Nov 17

Ch. 8: Network Security


Nov 24

Project Presentation


Dec 01

Project Presentation


Dec 08

Reading Day (NO CLASS)


Dec 15

Final Exam