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Course Number: INFS 622
Course Title: Systems Analysis and Design
Term: Fall 2008
Time: Tuesday , 19:20-22:00
Room: S&T I, Room 120
Prerequisite: INSF 501, 515 and 590 or equivalent.


  • Modern System Analysis & Design, 5th  Edition, 2007, J. A. Hoffer, J. F. George, J. S. Valacich, ISBN 9780132240765
  • UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language, Third Edition, 2003, ISBN 0321193687

Course Description:
Integration of computing technologies, system analysis, system design practices, and management criteria in the design of large-scale information management and decision support systems.

      Individual Assignments: 20%
      Midterm Exam: 20%
      Group Project: 35%
      Final Exam: 25%

Grading Scale:

Letter Grade

Numerical Range



















Individual Assignments:
Assignments are announced during class. The assignments are individual unless otherwise specified. Assignments will be graded on correctness as well as style and presentation. Each assignment is due on the announced date before 12 midnight. There will be a strictly enforced 10% penalty per day for late submissions unless otherwise specified. 

Group Project:
There will be a group research project. Each team is responsible for developing an integrated requirements specification and design document. Each group will select a team coordinator who will help coordinate the overall progress of the team. Each team member's individual contribution to the final documents and models must be clearly identified. At the end of the semester each group will have a presentation session.

There will be a midterm exam and a final exam covering lectures and readings. The final exam (comprehensive) includes topics covered in the entire semester. Exams must be taken at the scheduled time and place unless prior arrangements are made. Missed exams cannot be made up.

NOTE: All submissions’ file names need to indicate student or group names. 

Honor Code Statement:
As with all GMU courses, INFS 622 is governed by the GMU Honor Code. In this course, all assignments, exams, and project submissions carry with them an implicit statement that it is the sole work of the author, unless joint work is explicitly authorized. Help may be obtained from the instructor or other students to understand the description of the problem and any technology, but the solution, particularly the design portion, must be the student's own work. If joint work is authorized, all contributing students must be listed on the submission. Any deviation from this is considered an Honor Code violation. (© Jeff Offutt)


Week 1

August 26

Overview, Foundations: Ch. 1

Week 2

September 2

Foundations: Ch. 2, Ch. 3

Week 3

September 9

Planning: Ch. 4, Ch. 5

Week 4

September 16

Analysis: Ch. 6

Week 5

September 23

Analysis: Ch. 7

Week 6

September 30

Analysis: Ch. 8 ; Midterm Review

Week 7

October 7

Midterm Exam

Week 8

October 14

No Class

Week 9

October 21

Analysis: Ch. 9

Week 10

October 28

Design: Ch. 10

Week 11

November 4

Design: Ch. 11, Ch. 12

Week 12

November 11

Design: Ch. 13, Ch. 14

Week 13

November 18

Implementation & Maintenance Ch. 15, Ch. 16

Week 14

November 25

Wrapup & Final Exam Review

Week 15

December  4

Student Presentations, Final Exam Posted

Week 16

December  11

Final Exam