Computer Science 425

Game Programming I


Tuesday, 7:20-10:00 PM, in ENGR 5358 except for: Oct. 6th, Nov. 10th, Nov. 17th, and Nov. 24th when it will be held in Robinson Hall B203.


Jan Allbeck

Office hours will be held every Wednesday from 3:30-5:30pm in ENGR 5324 or by appointment.


Grade of C or better in CS 325 and 367.

About the Class

The course will provide an introduction to technologies and techniques used in modern computer games. Teams will explore the various facets of a complete design, using sophisticated tools. The course will involve a project in which a game is prototyped; this prototype and initial design will serve as the starting point for the project in CS 426.

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There are no textbooks required.

Course Outcomes

a) Become familiar with advanced techniques used in object-oriented programming

b) Realize the manner with which the graphics pipeline may be utilized to create video games

c) Utilize mathematical abilities to create optimum algorithms

d) Implement industry standard software for game engine execution

e) Exhibit skills that demonstrate understanding of physics simulations

f) Become capable of implementing game play that satisfies the demands of players

g) Realize the appropriate techniques for maximizing code reuse

h) Understand and exploit the benefits of team work in the creation of video games

Assessment Plan for the Course

Final (50%), fully working game (50%)