ISA 656: Network Security Protocol


Mohamed Sharif, PhD.
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Course Description:

      The objective of this course to is provide comprehensive introduction to the security problems in the Internet, and the principles, techniques and their applications in building Internet security protocols. In addition, we will examine existing Internet security techniques and protocols and discuss about open problems in Internet security.  Topics include secret key and public key cryptography, Hash algorithms, basic number theory, authentication, steganography/information hiding, IPSEC/VPN, IPSEC key exchange, SSL/TLS, firewall, intrusion tracing and response, worms and virus.

Course Prerequisites

     ISA 562 and CS 555 or permission of instructor.

Course Material

     Course Text

o       Network Security, Private Communication in a Public World 2nd Edition by C. Kaufman, R. Perlman and M. Speciner.


o       Corporate Computer and Network Security by R. Panko

o       Network Security Essentials 2nd Edition by W. Stallings.

o       Cryptography and Network Security 4th Edition by W. Stallings

o       Applied Cryptography 2nd Edition by B. Schneier

o       Handbook of Applied Cryptography by A. Menezes, P. van Oorschot and S. Vanstone.

o       Designing Network Security by M. Kaeo Cisco Press

o       Internet & TCP/IP Network Security by U. Pabrai and V. Gurani.

o       Fundamentals of Computer Security Technology by E. Amoroso

o       Building Internet Firewalls by D. Chapman and E. Zwicky

o       Firewalls and Internet Security by W. Cheswick and S. Bellovin

o       The CERT Guide to System and Network Security Practices by J. Allen

o       WWW.Security by R. MacGregor, A. Aresi and A. Siegert

o       Inside Internet Security by J. Crume

o       Secure Commerce on the Internet by V. Ahuja

     Some helpful Links:

o       Bishop Companion Site

o       Stallings Companion site

Grading policy

      Weights:, 5-6 quizzes for total of 30%, midterm Exams 30%, final exam 40%.

      No exam make up will be given

      Late Submissions: Discouraged but allowed under exceptional circumstances with prior approval of the instructor.

      Incompletes: No Incompletes will be given. Except extreme case

      Honor Code Violations: All violators will be reported under all circumstances, and results in a course grade of F, in addition to any other penalties imposed by the university and/or the ISE department.

      Two students submitting a common or significantly similar copy of homework is an honor code violation.

Course Administration

      Class Meetings: Tuesday 07:20 10:00 PM in The Engineering Building RM 1203

      Instructor Office Hours: by appointment

      Examinations: All Examinations are in class, individual (no collaborations), closed book, neighbor and notes.

Additional Handout

      Protocol Model


      DNS Overview



      Transport Protocol Ports

      Internetworking Product

      Voice Network Overview

Course Schedule and Lectures

      Approximate Course Schedule