CS555 Computer Communications and Networking

Location: The Nguyen Engineering Building, Room 4457
Meeting Time: Tuesday 4:30 - 7:10
Instructor: Dr. Robert Simon
Office: 5307 Engineering Building
Phone: 703-993-1556
E-mail: simon AT cs dot gmu dot edu
Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30 p.m. - 4:30, 7:15 - 8:00 p.m, or by appointment


Techniques and systems for communication of data between computational devices and layers of Internet Protocol Suite. Topics include role of various media and software components, local and wide area network protocols, network design, performance and cost considerations, and emerging advanced commercial technologies. Emphasizes TCP/IP family of protocols.


CS 310, 365, STAT 344, ability to program in C and Java.

Internet Class Delivery:

This course is delivered to the Internet section online using Moodle learning management system with MIST/C, which has replaced the Network EducationWare (NEW) delivery system. Students in all sections will have accounts and will be able to play recordings of the lectures and download the slide files from the Moodle course page. Login information will be sent to all enrolled students by email, before the first scheduled class." The Moodle URL for CS department courses is at https://c4ilab.gmu.edu/moodle. The procedure for installation is:
  1. Connect to: https://c4ilab.gmu.edu/moodle
  2. Select your course and login with their GMU username/password
  3. Enter the enrollment key for your course
  4. Install MIST/C client




There will be two types of programming projects. The first is a network simulator. We will use the Java Network Workbench (JNW), software developed at GMU that simulates a protocol stack and displays the results, using a text interface. Students will create modules for Internet stack layers and run them in the JNW environment, as described in the required text by Dr. Mark Pullen. Information about how to obtain and use JNW will be made available the first day of class. The second project will be in socket programming. The official platform for both projects is site-unix, meaning that the TA will grade your projects on that platform. Currently, it points to zeus.ite.gmu.edu.

Please NOTE


Your grade will be calcuated as follows:

No credit if your project does not compile. Projects are due at the start of class, not during class. Late assignments/projects lose 10% credit per day and will not be accepted 3 days after the due date.

No early exams will be given. If you must miss an exam an makeup will be arranged at the discretion of the instructor, provided you have a written and verified excuse.


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