CS 895/SWE 821 Software for Context-aware Multi-user Systems

Fall 2010

Wednesdays 7:20 to 10:00pm in Robinson Hall B224 (map)

Smart mobile phones are one of the fastest growing markets today and will create a tremendous demand for new software development. Unlike traditional stand-alone applications, the new systems will leverage context-awareness capabilities (e.g., GPS) and will facilitate interactions and collaboration among multiple users.

The goal of this course is to transmit a solid understanding of the technical principles and possibilities concerning context-aware multi-user systems.

The open source Android SDK will support hands-on labs and student projects.  Android runs on regular Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms and includes emulators for mobile device features such as network and telephony connectivity, location awareness, etc.  Acquiring an Android cell phone is not required for this course.


         SWE 632 User Interface Design; or instructor permission.

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