ISA 564: Security Lab


Mohamed Sharif, PhD.
Home: 571.333.8555

Teaching Assistant


Anis Alazzawe


Course Description

      This course Provides hands-on experience in configuring and experimenting with security software in a live laboratory environment, with the purpose of understanding real-world security threats. Takes both offensive and defensive approaches and exposes students to a variety of real-world attacks. Also, discussed possible mitigation and defending mechanisms, such as monitoring and intrusion detection software.

Course Prerequisites

     ISA 562 or permission of instructor.

Course Material

     Course Text

o       Applied Information Security by Randy Boyle

o       Student Companion Site


o       Corporate Computer and Network Security by R. Panko

o       Network Security, Private Communication in a Public World 2nd Ed by C. Kaufman, R. Perlman and M. Speciner.

o       Network Security Essentials 2nd Edition by W. Stallings.

o       Cryptography and Network Security 4th Edition by W. Stallings

o       Applied Cryptography 2nd Edition by B. Schneier

o       Handbook of Applied Cryptography by A. Menezes, P. van Oorschot and S. Vanstone.

o       Designing Network Security by M. Kaeo Cisco Press

o       Internet & TCP/IP Network Security by U. Pabrai and V. Gurani.

o       Fundamentals of Computer Security Technology by E. Amoroso

o       Building Internet Firewalls by D. Chapman and E. Zwicky

o       Firewalls and Internet Security by W. Cheswick and S. Bellovin

o       The CERT Guide to System and Network Security Practices by J. Allen

o       WWW.Security by R. MacGregor, A. Aresi and A. Siegert

o       Inside Internet Security by J. Crume

o       Secure Commerce on the Internet by V. Ahuja

     Some helpful Links:

o       Bishop Companion Site

o       Stallings Companion site

Grading policy


o       10-12 quizzes for total of 70%, midterm Exams or Project 10%, final exam 20%.

      No exam make up will be given

      Lab reports are due at the beginning of the class

      Late Submissions

o       Discouraged but allowed under exceptional circumstances with prior approval of the instructor.

      Incomplete Grade

o       No Incompletes will be given except extreme case

      Honor Code Violations

o       All violators will be reported under all circumstances, and results in a course grade of F, in addition to any other penalties imposed by the university and/or the ISE department.

      Two students submitting a common or significantly similar copy of homework is an honor code violation.

Course Administration

      Class Meetings

o       Wednesday 07:20 10:00 PM in The Innovation Hall RM336

      Instructor Office Hours: by appointment

      Examinations: All Examinations are in class, individual (no collaborations), closed book, neighbor and notes.

Additional Handout

      Protocol Model

      DNS Overview



      Transport Protocol Ports

Course Schedule and Lectures

      Approximate Course Schedule