CS755 Advanced Computer Networks

Location: Room 4705 Nguyen Engineering Building
Meeting Time: Weds. 7:20 - 10:00 pm
Instructor: Dr. Robert Simon
Office: 5307 Engineering Building
Phone: 703-993-1556
E-mail: simon AT cs dot gmu dot edu
Office Hours: Weds: 6:00 - 7:00 pm


This class covers topics in advanced computer networking. Topics include, but are not limited to, cloud computing, cognitive radio, data center neworking, delay tolerant networking, green computing, mobile ad hoc networking, sensor networks and wireless systems. This class is taught as a seminar. Recent research papers will be assigned, presented and discussed. The first few lectures will be delivered by the instructor. The remainder of the paper presentations will be delivered by students. Each student will select and present papers of interest. Papers will be selected with the advice of the instructor.


CS 555.

Internet Class Delivery:

This course will also be delivered to the Internet section online using Moodle learning management system with MIST/C, which has replaced the Network EducationWare (NEW) delivery system. All distance learning students are expected to actively participate in classroom discussions, and will be required to deliver all paper and project presentations in class. The Moodle URL for CS department courses is at https://c4ilab.gmu.edu/moodle. The procedure for installation is:
  1. Connect to: https://c4ilab.gmu.edu/moodle
  2. Select your course and login with their GMU username/password
  3. Enter the enrollment key for your course
  4. Install MIST/C client



There will be a semester-long programming or simulation project. The purpose of the project is to understand and evalute a currently proposed network protocol or algorithm. Each student, in conjuction with the instructor, will select a project of interest. Approximately half-way through the semester each student will deliver a short, in class presentation describing their project. At the end of the semester each student will present a summary of the results of their project.


This class does not have exams. Your grade will be calcuated as follows:


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