CS 795 / SWE 821 / SWE 699 – Service Oriented Architecture

Fall Semester, 2011
Location: Robinson Hall B222
Time: Mon 4:30-7:10pm



Dr. Sam Malek

Electronic Mail: smalek@gmu.edu

Office: 4431, Engineering Building

Office Phone: +1-703-993-1677

Office Hours: Mon 2-4pm or by appointment



This course covers the state-of-the-art approaches to building dependable Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) software systems. Additionally, the shortcomings of the current approaches are identified, and open research topics and avenues for future advancement are discussed. The course is geared towards advanced MS or PhD students that are interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of SOA systems and related topics. A variety of topics will be covered in the context of SOA systems, including Software Architecture, Quality of Service, Analysis, Autonomic Computing, Monitoring, and Coordination. The course will be conducted in seminar fashion. The students are expected to energetically participate in the discussions. The students are also expected to work on either an implementation project or a research topic of interest and report on their progress throughout the semester.  


Textbook and Readings

- SOA Principles of Service Design, Thomas Erl, Prentice Hall (optional)

- Supplemental papers (see the schedule below)



-       Paper, concept, technology presentation (15%)

-       Class participation (10%)

-       Quizzes (25%)

-       Project (50%)


The detailed course syllabus is on the instructor's website: http://www.cs.gmu.edu/~smalek/CS795.html