SWE 621 - Software Modeling and Architectural Design



Professor: Rob Pettit, http://mason.gmu.edu/~rpettit



This is a course in concepts and methods for the architectural design of software systems of sufficient size and complexity to require the effort of several people for many months.  This course will focus on object-oriented software design concepts for large-scale, real-time, distributed, and concurrent software systems.  Students will undertake a term project working in small groups addressing the design of a relatively complex software system.



SWE 619 with SWE 620 strongly recommended

(MSCS Students may substitute CS 540 and CS 571 for SWE 619)

Note:  Prerequisites must be completed with a "B" or better


Required Text: (Available from Johnson Center bookstore):



H. Gomaa, “Software Modeling and Design: UML, Use Cases, Patterns, and Software Architectures”, Cambridge Press, 2011.





Required Software: Papyrus UML




 Term Project: 40%

   - Divided into two phases of 20% each

   - Includes a team-member assessment

Modeling Assignments: 20%

   - 4 Assignments x 5 points each

Midterm Exam: 20%

Final Exam: 20%