Computer Science 662-002: Computer Graphics and Game Technologies


Yotam Gingold (ygingold [at]


Thursdays from 4:30pm–7:10pm in Planetary Hall 127.
Office hours will be held Wednesdays from 2:00pm–4:00pm in ENGR 4427 or by appointment.


The course will provide an introduction to technologies and techniques used in modern computer games and animations, including (tentatively):


CS 551 (Computer Graphics) and proficiency in C++.

Online materials:



None required.


Grades will be based on four (4) programming homework assignments (15% each), two (2) class presentations (15% each), and general class participation (10%).

C++ frameworks will be provided for each of these programming assignments.

Each member of the class will give two (2) 30 minutes presentations about a recently published animation or game paper. Papers can be chosen from the proceedings of SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, SCA, Eurographics, or other well regarded technical conferences or journals. The instructor must approve the paper choice.

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Honor Code:

GMU is an Honor Code university; please see the Office for Academic Integrity for a full description of the code and the honor committee process. The principle of academic integrity is taken very seriously and violations are treated gravely. What does academic integrity mean in this course? Essentially this: when you are responsible for a task, you will perform that task. When you rely on someone else’s work in an aspect of the performance of that task, you will give full credit in the proper, accepted form. When in doubt (of any kind) please ask for guidance and clarification.

Accommodations for Disabilities:

If you have a documented learning disability or other condition that may affect academic performance you should: 1) make sure this documentation is on file with Office for Disability Services (SUB I, Rm. 4205; 993-2474; to determine the accommodations you need; and 2) talk with me to discuss your accommodation needs.


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