ISA 763 Security Protocol Verification - Fall 2013


Teaches how to design, understand, verify, and test communication protocols so they meet their objectives of recognizing the basic components of a communication protocol. These include specifying security properties accurately, modeling actors and malefactors against which a protocol ought to be secure and discussing verification and testing methods, including their limitations. This is a graduate level class where we read many papers and apply their methods to model and verify the properties of protocol that are being used today.

Time permitting, this year's class will focus on the following topics


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Topic Week
Introduction 1
Casper, Introduction to CSP 2
More CSP and FDR 3-6
Mobile Processes, Pi Calculus and ProVerif 7-8
Protocol Composition Logic 9-10
Trusted Computing 7-9
Comparing Formal and Computational Models 10

Evaluation Criteria

4 Projects (require writing some code) 60%
3 Homework (related to the projects) 40%


Honor Code

All violations are reported. GMU honor code