CS 580 - 001

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


Tuesdsay 4:30 pm - 7:10 pm in Krug Hall 242


Zoran Duric.

Teaching Assistant

Indranil Banerjee

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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Russell & Norvig, Prentice Hall

Supplementary texts


A working knowledge of computer systems and several programming languages is required. The material covered in CS 310 and CS 330 as well as general computer science maturity is assumed and used throughout the course.


The basic principles of representation, heuristic search, learning, and control will be presented in the context of specific AI areas such as problem solving, vision, natural language, and expert systems. The Lisp programming language will be used as the primary language for homework assignments.


There will be a midterm and final exam.


There will be several programming assignments which will include written summaries. Other assignments could include practice problems from the textbook and/or old exams. A class project will be required.


The course grade will be determined approximately as follows:

Individual work

You are free to discuss ideas for both the labs and projects with other students, however no joint work is permitted. Any submitted work must be yours alone. Any work which shows too much similarity with others' submitted work will receive a grade of 0. Extreme or repeat cases may result in failing the course or referral to the Honor Commitee.

Read the CS Department honor code and the University honor code. You are bound by these honor codes.