SWE 432: Design and Implementation of Software for the Web
Fall 2014

Upsorn Praphamontripong
Office: ENGR 5306
Email: upsorn's email
URL: http://www.cs.gmu.edu/~uprapham/classes/swe432/syllabus.html
Office Hours:    Tuesday 1:30pm - 3:30pm (Anytime electronically or by appointment)
Class hours Tuesday, Thursday 10:30am - 11:45am, ENGR 1103
Prerequisite Math 125 and CS 211
Overview This course teaches students how to develop high quality software for web applications. The concepts of client-server computing, theories of usable graphical user interfaces, and models for web-based information retrieval and processing are covered. In the past few years, the way software is built has been rapidly changing. As use of the world wide web has shifted from information presentation to information gathering to direct customer sales (e-commerce) to enterprise applications, the amount and complexity of software has steadily been increasing. This course will help students use new models of programming and new technologies to design and develop high quality, usable, web software.
Course materials
  • Prioritizing Web Usability, Jakob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger, New Riders Press, 2006, ISBN-10: 0-321-35031-6.
  • Programming the World Wide Web, Sebesta, Addison-Wesley, 2014, ISBN-10: 0133775984, eighth edition.
  • Various papers; links available on the schedule page.
For more information, please see the SWE 432 course web page.