CS 477 Mobile Application Development - Fall 2016

Dr. Elizabeth White 
Office: Engineering, Rm. 5315 
Phone: 993-1586 
email: white@gmu.edu - put CS477 in subject line 
Office Hours: TBD or by appt

Course Content

This course will teach fundamental programming principles with a focus on the mobile environment and the Android Platform. The course emphasizes practical application of numerous academic concepts. This course is intended to be a project-based course. The introductory weeks focus on essentials needed to work on these projects. Students will complete multiple small labs and one final course project. Each student will design and implement an application for the final project. Course projects will be written in Java for the Android platform using the Android SDK.

Designing applications for a mobile device present unique challenges. User interface, mobile-specific technologies, and the importance of performance require special consideration. The Android SDK has its own interesting aspects to learn: the multi-touch model, accelerometer, important APIs will receive attention. Students will learn important development concepts applicable to any environment as well as Android specific APIs.


A C or better in both CS310 and CS367. STRONG programming skills. Completion of one or more CS senior course strongly recommended.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should:


There is no required text for this class. Information about online resources will be provided to students.




Labs (10 @ 30) Approximately 1 per week related to the lecture


Projects (2 @ 100)




Course Project (see below)


       Grading Scale (out of 1000 possible points)

       Late work 10% first day, 20%/day after 

       Students claiming an excused absence must apply in writing and furnish documentary support (such as from a health care professional who treated the student) for any assertion that the absence qualifies as an excused absence. The support should explicitly indicate the dates and times the student was incapacitated due to illness and provide contact information for verification. Self-documentation of illness is not sufficient support to excuse an absence.

Honor Code

You are expected to abide by the honor code. Programming assignments and exams are individual efforts. Information on the university honor code can be found at: 

This semester I will probably be using similarity detection software to assist me in finding honor code violations