CS 775 – Fall 2016

Advanced  Pattern Recognition  – CRN: 78526 – CS 775 - 001

Instructor:  Prof. Harry Wechsler wechsler@gmu.edu

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Course Description Bayes, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Deep Learning, Self-Organization & Vector Quantization (VQ), Count and Predict (Bag of Words and word2vec), Latent Dirichlet Analysis (LDA), and Conformal Prediction (including semi-supervised learning and transduction) with applications to biometrics, contents-based image retrieval (CBIR), document classification, and natural language processing.

Time, Day, and Venue: T – Tuesday, 7:20 – 10:00 pm

 – Art and Design Building 2026

Office Hours:  T 6:15 – 7:00 pm by appointment:  ENGR 4448


First day of classes: Tuesday, August 30

No classes on Tuesday, October 11 (Columbus Day recess)

Last Day of Classes: Tuesday, December 6


Final Exam: Tuesday, December 13, 7:30 – 10:15 pm

Required Textbook: Kevin Murphy, Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective, MIT Press, 2012.

Reference Textbooks: (1) Cherkassky and Mulier, Learning from Data (2nd. ed.), Wiley, 2007 (on reserve and also available on line through GMU IEEE Xplore); (2) Balasubramanian, Ho, and Vovk, Conformal Prediction for reliable machine learning, Morgan Kauffman, 2014 (on reserved and also available on line http://mutex.gmu.edu/login?URL=http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com/9780123985378); (3) Lecture Notes on Pattern Recognition http://psi.cse.tamu.edu/teaching/lecture_notes/


Grading Composition (100 points)

·         Team Term Project 1 October 4 – 25%

·         Team Term Project 2 November 8 – 25%

·         Team Term Project 3 ­December 6 30 %

·         Midterm  ­October 18  ­10%

·         (Cumulative) Final December 13 10 %

Grading Scale


Honor Code

You are expected to abide by the GMU honor code. Homework assignments and exams are individual efforts. Information on the university honor code can be found at


Additional departmental CS information: http://cs.gmu.edu/wiki/pmwiki.php/HonorCode/CSHonorCodePolicies