George Mason University

CS 451 - Computer Graphics - Fall 2019

Instructors: Jim X. Chen

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There are all together 100 points:

Your overall course score, S, will be the sum of these points.

Each assignment/project late may not be accepted. Therefore, you should plan on working early. If there is an accident or emergency and you let me know, I will consider it accordingly.

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TEACHING ASSISTANT AND OFFICE HOURS: (will be announced in class)

Office hours are posted in my homepage.

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ASSIGNMENTS: (announced in class and due one day before next class)

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GMU Honor Code will be enforced. You are supposed to do your own programmings, assignments, and projects. Violations of GMU Honor Code will result in an F. You may form into study groups, most of size 3. You can meet with your study group and discuss all homework questions and projects freely and frequently in your group. However, you must do your own programmings, assignments, and projects.

Disability Statement: If you have a learning or physical difference that may affect your academic work, you will need to furnish appropriate documentation to GMU Disability Resource Center. If you qualify for accommodation, the DRC staff will give you a form detailing appropriate accommodations for your instructor. If you have such a condition, you must talk to the instructor during the first week of the term about the issue.

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SYLLABUS: (tentative)

Will mostly follow the notes posted accompanying the text book with additions/modifications:

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2019 by Jim X. Chen, Department of Computer Science, George mason University