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CS583 - Analysis of Algorithms - Fall 2007

W 4:30-7:10, Robinson B203

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Professor Dana Richards
703-993-1545 (email should have "CS583" in the subject line

Course office hours: W, 2:00-4:00 or by appt.
Sci&Tech II Room 425


CS330, Discrete Mathematics (in Math 125 or a similar course), and elementary data structures.


Introduction to a variety of algorithms which illustrate principles for both the design and analysis of efficient algorithms.



The pace is approximate.
  • Introductory material - portions of chapters 1 to 5.
  • Sorting and order statistics - chapters 6 to 9.
  • Data structures - chapters 13, 14, and 19 to 21.
  • Design and analysis techniques - chapter 15 and 17. (done out of order)
  • Graph algorithms - chapter 22 to 25.
  • Np-completeness - chapter 34


    Exams -- 70%
    Program -- 30%
    The two exams, the midterm and the final, each cover about a half of the semester; i.e., the final is not cumulative. Of these exams the highest score will count 40% and the lowest 30%.

    The final is scheduled for Wednesday, May 9.

    Late work and missed exams will not be allowed without an official university excuse. Exam dates will be announced.

    The program will involve coding and comparing relatively simple algorithms from journal papers. Work may be done on any platform and in any algorithmic language you choose.

    There is to be NO group work on the program; violations will be considered Honor Code offenses.

    Projects will be marked down 25% each week they are late.


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