CS 656

Data Communications and Networking

George Mason University

Department of Computer Science

Meeting time: Monday 4:30 - 7:10 pm.

Meeting location:  ST-I Room 126

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Instructor: Dr. Robert Simon
Office: ST-II, Rm. 423
Office hours:  Monday 2:15 to 4:15
Phone: (703)-993-1556
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TA: Pamela Mishra
E-mail:  pmishra WHAT GOES HERE gmu edu

Course Description:

The course will present data communications fundamentals and computer networking methods, using a modified TCP/IP reference model to organize the study. Attention will be focused on the protocols of the physical, data link control, network, and transport layers, for local and wide area networks. Emphasis will be given to the Internet Protocol Suite.  We will also cover network security

This course is delivered to the Internet section online by Network EducationWare (NEW). Students in all sections have accounts on
NEW and can play back the lectures and download the PDF slide files at http://disted.ite.gmu.edu.


Required textbooks:


Homework and Project

Homework assignments are on a semi-regular basis.   We will also have a course project to be assigned the second week of class.


Examination Rules:

The GMU honor code and the CS honor code applies.  Further, no early exams will be offered.   If you must miss an exam then you must provide a written, verifiable excuse. No makeup exams will be offered until your excuse is verified.