Computer Systems Architecture (Spring 2008)

Meeting Time and Location:
Friday 10:30am-1:15pm, Innovation Hall 134

Instructor: Prof. Yutao Zhong.
Email: yzhong (at) cs (dot) gmu (dot) edu
Office: STII 419
Office hour: Wednesday 4-6pm, or by appointment

Graduate TA: TBA

Course Home Page
We will use WebCT (GMU WebCT Home) for this course.

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts in computer architecture. Topics include:

Prerequisites: C or better in ECE303, or both CS265 and ECE301
(Assembly Language Programming (CS 265) and Digital Electronics (ECE 301)) OR ECE 303. Students not satisfying the prerequisites will be dropped from the class.


Class Attendance
Required.  Please arrive on time.  I expect to start at 10:30 sharp, and possibly with a quiz!  Please participate in class! Ask questions if there is something you don't understand.

Grading Policies
There will also be written homeworks, in-class quizzes, a in-class midterm exam, and a final exam. Both the final and midterm are closed-book and closed-notes. The final exam will be comprehensive, i.e., it will cover the entire course. Missed exams must be arranged with the instructor BEFORE the exam.  Documentation of the illness (doctor's note) is required.  No early exams will be given and make-up exams are strongly discouraged.

End-of-semester numeric scores will be weighted as follows (tentative plan): In order to obtain an A, your final score should be at least 90. A total score of 49 or less will result in an F.

Late Policy

Late homework will be accepted with a penalty of 20% per day within 3 days after deadlines and will not be accepted three days after due, unless under prearranged conditions.

Honor Code
You are expected to abide by the honor code.  All assignments and exams are individual efforts. Please refer to GMU Academic Policies and Computer Science Department Honor CodeAny violation of the honor code will result in a zero of the assignment/exam, and may result in an F for the class.

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