Computer Science 499 / 001

Autonomous Robotics


Monday, 4:30 to 7:10 PM, in Room A106 of Robinson Hall.


Sean Luke.


CS310, ECE303, Math 203, Math 114

Strongly Recommended

Math 213, CS 367 (or strong knowledge of C)

Do not let the prerequisites scare you. We just want to make sure students have a good background to do robotics.

About the Class

This course will cover various topics in autonomous robotics, including architectures, basic kinematics, basic controls, reactivity, planning, simulation and modeling, sensing and locomotion, and multiagent environments. The course will cover both high-level abstract topics and nuts-and-bolts of robot construction, including some simple sensor and microelectronics and programming.

The course will include labs involved in construction and programming of one or more mobile autonomous robots. Depending on class size, such construction and programming may be done by teams. Programming will be done in Java and C.

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There are no good general texts on autonomous robotics at the undergraduate level. They're all terrible. This year I will attempt to teach the class largely from lecture notes, but I may give up and require a text: if I do, it will be inexpensive.


This course will consist largely of several large projects and two exams. The breakdown will be approximately: 1. Homework and (several) Projects: 50% with higher weight given to harder projects. 2.Exams (2 of them): 25% Each

There will be no make-up tests for missed examinations. Late homework will be accepted but at a loss of 20% per day (homework later than 4 days, or after the last day of class, is worth nothing).