Spring 2009 Syllabi

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Undergraduate Courses

CS105ALLComputer Ethics and SocietyAll Instructors
CS112001Introduction to Computer ProgrammingFleck, D
CS112002Introduction to Computer ProgrammingHeishman, R
CS211ALLObject-Oriented ProgrammingHeishman, R
CS222001Computer Programming for EngineersNordstrom, D
CS262001Introduction to Low-level ProgrammingNordstrom, D
CS306001/002Synthesis of Ethics & Law for the Computing ProfessionalMaddox, T
CS310001Computer Science IIICarver, R
CS310002Computer Science IIINordstrom, D
CS330001Formal Methods and ModelsRichards, D
CS367001/002Computer Systems & ProgrammingAll Instructors
CS421ALLSoftware Requirements and Design ModelingFleck, D
CS440001Language Processors and Programming EnvironmentsZhong, Y
CS450001Database ConceptsBrodsky, A
CS451001Computer GraphicsChen, J
CS465001Computer System ArchitectureSood, A
CS471001Operating SystemsBarbara, D
CS475001Concurrent and Distributed SystemsCarver, R
CS480001Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceDuric, Z
CS483001Analysis of AlgorithmsLien, J
CS499001MetaheuristicsLuke, S
CS499003Bioinformatics and Computational Biology IShehu, A
SWE443001Software ArchitectureSousa, J

Graduate Courses

CS540001/002Language ProcessingWhite, E
CS555001/002Computer COmmunications and NetworkingScoggins, S
CS571ALLOperating SystemsAydin, H
CS580001Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceWechsler, H
CS583001Analysis of Algorithms ILien, J
CS652001Computer GraphicsChen, J
CS682001Computer VisionDuric, Z
CS683001Parallel AlgorithmsRichards, D
CS684001Graph AlgorithmsLi, F
CS687001Advanced Artificial IntelligenceLuke, S
CS700001Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design in CSMenasce, D
CS750001Theory and Applications of Data MiningWechsler, H
CS758001/002Networked Virtual EnvironmentsPullen, J
CS775001Advanced Pattern RecognitionBarbara, D
CS795001Ensemble Based Systems in Decision MakingDomeniconi, C
CS795003Biological Sequence AnalysisRangwala, H
CS795004Low-Power ComputingAydin, H
CS803001Evolutionary ComputationDe Jong, K
INFS501001Discrete and Logical StructuresEllis, W
INFS515001Computer OrganizationMasiyowski, J
INFS519001Program Design and Data StructuresNordstrom, D
INFS612001Princ and Pract of Comm Netwks Sharif, M
INFS614001Database ManagementDomeniconi, C
INFS622ALLSystems Analysis and Design Howard, R
INFS640001Intro to eCommerceFoxwell, H
INFS650001Microsoft .NET Development Framework for Information Systems ApplicationsBaum, R
INFS760001Advanced Database ManagementMotro, A
INFS770001Knowledge Management for E-BusinessKerschberg, L
ISA562002Info Security Theory/PracticeSharif, M
ISA564001Security LaboratoryStavrou, A
ISA656001Network SecurityWang, X
ISA765001Databases and Distributed System SecuritySmeltzer, M
ISA767001Secure Electronic CommerceSibley, E
ISA797001Systems Policy and Legal IssuesSibley, E
IT803001Evolutionary ComputationDe Jong, K
SWE619001Object-Oriented Software Specification and ConstructionBaldo, J
SWE619002Object Oriented Software Specification and ConstructionAmmann, P
SWE621001Software Modeling and Architecture DesignPettit, R
SWE632001User Interface Design and Development Offutt, J
SWE637001Software TestingAmmann, P
SWE642001Software Engineering for the World Wide WebAbdurazik, A
SWE642002Software Engineering for the World Wide WebOffutt, J