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CS483 - Analysis of Algorithms - Spring 2011

Friday 1:30 - 4:10, Arts Building 2026

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Professor Dana Richards

Course office hours: Monday and Friday 11:00-12:00 or by appt.
Engineering Building - Room 5320


CS330, Discrete Mathematics (in Math 125 or a similar course), and elementary data structures (in CS310 or a similar course).


Introduction to a variety of algorithms which illustrate principles for both the design and analysis of efficient algorithms.




We will cover most of the book in order; time may not permit coverage of later chapters. The pacing below is not rigid. The topics will be:


Exams -- 70%
Program -- 30%

The two exams, the midterm and the final, each covers about a half of the semester; i.e., the final is NOT cumulative. Of these exams the highest score will count 40% and the lowest 30%.

All testing is closed book. However, you may use notes, subject to the following rules for exam note sheets: One sheet of notes, both sides, 8.5 x 11 inches. Creating these note sheets is part of the exam and must be your own work, although you may discuss with others your general strategy about what kinds of things to put on your note sheet. No photocopying of the textbook, though you may write out material from it verbatim. No copying of anyone else's notes, even by hand. You may use a computer for editing your own notes and print out the results.

Late work and missed exams will not be allowed without an official university excuse. Exam dates might differ from the syllabus above, but any change will be announced.

There is to be NO group work on graded assignments. See the departmental website for links on the honor policies.


Projects will be marked down 25% each week they are late.


Lu Yanyan

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