CS 580 - Spring 2011

Introduction Artificial Intelligence 13511 CS 580 - 001

Instructor:  Prof. Harry Wechsler wechsler@gmu.edu

Course Description Principles and methods for knowledge representation, problem solving, heuristic search, reasoning, learning, probabilistic reasoning, natural language processing, vision, and their application to building intelligent systems in a variety of domains.


Time, Day, and Venue: R Thursday, 4:30 pm - 7:10 pm,

Robinson Hall 111


First day of classes: Thursday, January 27

Spring Break [March 14 20]: no class on Thursday, March 17

Last day of classes: Thursday, May 5


Final Exam: Thursday, May 12, 4:30 7:15 pm

Office Hours: Thursday, 3:00 pm 4:00 pm (ENGR - 4448)

Textbook: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Russell and Norvig (3rd ed.), Prentice Hall, 2010.
Textbook Website: http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu/
Textbook Slides: http://aima.eecs.berkeley.edu/slides-pdf/



        Homework 30%

        Mid Term Thursday, March 24 30 %

        Final Thursday, May 12 - 40 %

Honor Code

You are expected to abide by the GMU honor code. Homework assignments and exams are individual efforts. Information on the university honor code can be found at http://academicintegrity.gmu.edu/honorcode/.

Additional departmental CS information: http://cs.gmu.edu/wiki/pmwiki.php/HonorCode/CSHonorCodePolicies