CS 687 - Spring 2011

Advanced Artificial Intelligence 12541 CS 687 - 001

Instructor:  Prof. Harry Wechsler wechsler@gmu.edu

Course Description This course will cover several advanced topics in Artificial Intelligence beyond those covered in CS580. These topics will extend existing knowledge about search, machine learning, reasoning and communication. Topics may include pattern recognition, neural networks, and statistical learning; modeling, prediction, and performance evaluation; probabilistic reasoning; intelligent search, evolutionary computation, and emergent behavior; natural language processing, speech, and vision; data, knowledge, control, and action. Motivation and applications for the topics discussed are an integral part of the course. Examples of applications can include agents, bioinformatics, biometrics, data mining, information and knowledge management, security. Course is based on textbook, slides, class notes, and electronic communication. AI is a breadth-oriented field, and the goal of this course is to provide the student with sufficient breadth beyond CS580 to act as a well-versed AI researcher. Informally, CS580 + CS687 typically cover all the topics that might show up on the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam.


Time, Day, and Venue: T Tuesday, 7:20 pm - 10:00 pm,

Innovation Hall 134


First day of classes: Tuesday, January 25

Spring Break [March 14 20]: no class on Tuesday, March 15

Last day of classes: Tuesday, May 3


Final Exam: Tuesday, May 17, 7:30 10:15 pm

Office Hours: Tuesday, 6:15 pm 7:15 pm (ENGR - 4448)

Textbook: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Russell and Norvig (3rd ed.), Prentice Hall, 2010.
Textbook Website: http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu/
Textbook Slides: http://aima.eecs.berkeley.edu/slides-pdf/



        Homework 20%

        Mid Term Tuesday, March 22 20 %

        Term (Team) Project 40 %

        Final Tuesday, May 17 - 20 %

Honor Code

You are expected to abide by the GMU honor code. Homework assignments and exams are individual efforts. Information on the university honor code can be found at http://academicintegrity.gmu.edu/honorcode/.

Additional departmental CS information: http://cs.gmu.edu/wiki/pmwiki.php/HonorCode/CSHonorCodePolicies