CS 990 CRN 19881 Spring 2011

IT 990 CRN 19882 Spring  2011

Dissertation Topic Presentation (1 credit hour) 

Time, Day, and Venue: F Friday, 4:30 pm - 7:10 pm

Innovation Hall 133

Prerequisites: Completion of all course requirements for PhD, or permission of instructor.

Instructor:  Prof. Harry Wechsler wechsler@gmu.edu

Office: ENGR 4448

Office hours: Tuesday: 6:00 7 pm and Thursday: 3:00 4:00 pm


First day of classes: Friday, January 28

Course Contents: Opportunity for Ph.D. students to present their research proposal for critique to interested faculty and students. Covers the presentation of the research topic for the Ph.D. in Computer Science / Information Technology, and is required of all Ph.D. students. The student will complete a dissertation research proposal.