ISA 767 Secure Electronic Commerce      Provisional Syllabus: Spring 2011

Innovation Hall 208



E H Sibley:

Office hours:

 Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:00-4:00 pm, or by appointment [email me to ask]





Assignments, etc.

Jan 24

Discussion of Course and Objectives:

Definitions and Topics of e-Commerce security


Jan 31

Review Database Management: ERA and OO

Data Models and Ontology in e-commerce

HW 1 due

Feb 7


Paper topic due

Feb 14

Review Statistics, Psychology, and Organizational Behavior; Settng up a Survey

HW 2 due

Feb 21

Legal Aspects of Security in e-commerce

J T Westermeier Esq.


Feb 28

Psychological Models and Stat Testing: Introduction


HW 3 due

Mar 7

Psychological Models of e-commerce

TRA, TAM, etc. Trust, Security, and Integrity

Paper due

Mar 14

Spring Break



Mar 21

One hour Exam and

A PractitionerÕs View: Conor F. Sibley

HW 4 due

Mar 28

Discussion: Visa and Mastercard versus Micropayments ¸ RFIDs as Security Risks

Start Student presentations [3 or more]


Apr 3

Student presentations


Apr 10

Student presentations

HW 5 due

Apr 17

Student presentations 


Apr 24

Student presentations 


May 2

Student Presentations 

One Hour plus Exam


Writing Style

Assume that your audience is an intelligent reader or student who is not familiar with your specific paper topic.  Do not use slang or colloquialisms; some readers whose first language is not English may not understand phrases such as "the system was wedged,"  Do not misuse terms or use those whose meanings are unclear, like "increased exponentially", or "steep learning curve."  Check your grammar and spelling; if you need help expressing yourself, get help from GMU's Writing Center at  Read the paper aloud to yourself or a friend to help you indentify misused words and phrases.  Avoid jargon.  Explain and reference concepts critical to your topic.  Expand NTAs [Non-Trivial Abbreviations] on first use.  Avoid meaningless marketing terms (like "seamless integration")

Read for some useful guidance on writing technical papers                       



Homeworks: 5 @ 20 points each                             100

Midterm and one hour Final @  100 each             200

Final paper and presentation at 100 each             200

Total                                                                           500


I do not assess the final grade by the final percentage but by your position in the class; normally this means about one third receive A (+ or -) less than two thirds receive Bs (including + and -) , and few [or none] get Cs

Honor Code

All work performed in this course will be subject to GMU's Honor Code. Students are expected to do their own work in the course. In papers and project reports, students are expected to write in their own words, rather than cutting-and-pasting from sources on the Internet or elsewhere. If you do use material from books, articles, or the Web, enclose the material in quotes and provide a reference.  This should never be excessive! If a paragraph is used then it should be indented in the text (both left and right margins).


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