SWE 621 - 001: Software Modeling and Architecture Design

Spring 2011

Section Instructor: Robert Pettit

E-mail : rpettit@gmu.edu


Monday, 7:20p - 10:00p 

Innovation Hall 206

Section Information: SWE-621-001 5

Course Name : SWE-621

Course Description : Software Model/Architech Dsgn

Course Description

This is a course in concepts and methods for the architectural design of large-scale software systems. This course will focus on object-oriented software design concepts for large-scale, real-time, distributed, and concurrent software systems. Students will undertake a term project addressing the design of a relatively complex software system.


SWE 619 with SWE 620 strongly recommended
(MSCS Students may substitute CS 540 and CS 571 for SWE 619)
Note:  Prerequisites must be completed with a "B" or better


Required : H. Gomaa, “Designing Concurrent, Distributed, and Real-Time Applications with UML”, Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series, 2000. ** Note: Make sure your copy is the 2nd printing or newer.

Additional Reference : UML 2 Specification - Downloadable from www.uml.org


Term Project: 40% 

   - Divided into two phases of 20% each 

   - Includes a team-member assessment 

Modeling Assignments: 20%

   - 4 Assignments x 5 points each

Midterm Exam: 20% 

Final Exam: 20%

   - Exams will be conducted online

Course Schedule (Subject to Change)

24 Jan

Intro to Software Design

(Gomaa: 1, 3, 5, 6)

31 Jan

Use Cases and Basic OO Principles 

(Gomaa: 3, 7)

Skim UML infrastructure from www.uml.org

7 Feb

Static Modeling
(Gomaa: 8, 9)

14 Feb

Dynamic Modeling

(Gomaa: 11)

State Machines

(Gomaa: 10)

Exercise 1 Due

21 Feb

Examples from Preliminary Design Activities

28 Feb


7 March

Preliminary Design Review 

Exercise 2 Due by End of Class Period

Term Project Phase 1 Due by noon on Friday

14 March

Spring Break

21 March

Software Architecture Design

(Gomaa: 12, 13)

28 March


4 April

Concurrent Task Structuring

(Gomaa: 14)

Exercise 3 Due

11 April

Class Design and Detailed Design

(Gomaa: 15, 16)

18 April

Examples from Detailed Design

25 April

Critical Design Review 

Exercise 4 Due by End of Class Period

Phase 2 Due by Noon on Friday

2 May

Course Review

9 May

Reading Day

16 May

Final Exam