CS555 Computer Communications and Networking


Instructor: Dr. Avinash Srinivasan
Office: Engineering Building Room 5337
Phone: 703-993-1773
E-mail: asriniv5 AT gmu dot edu
Office Hours: MR 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m, W 1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. or by appointment


Room: Engineering 4705 OR ONLINE for DL Students
Day: Monday
Time: 7:20 PM - 10:00 PM
Credits: 3 Credits
Course Homepage: http://www.cs.gmu.edu/~asriniv5/CS555.html


Name: Aanchal Jindal
Office: TBA
Phone: TBA
E-mail: ajindal2@gmu.edu (preferred)
Office Hours: TBA


The course will present data communications fundamentals and computer networking methods, using the ISO 7-layer reference model to organize the study. Attention will be focused on the protocols of the physical, data link control, network, and transport layers, for local and wide area networks. Emphasis will be given to the Internet Protocol Suite. Some advanced topics, such as network security, wireless and mobile computing networks, will also be covered. Students will program simplified versions of the protocols as a part of the course project.





You will be graded on a total of 1000 points. Your grade will be calcuated as follows:

Final letter grade will be calculated using the scale below-

≥ 950A+ ≥ 900A ≥ 850A-
≥ 800B+ ≥ 750B ≥ 700B-
≥ 660C+ ≥ 630C ≥ 600C-
≥ 560D+ ≥ 530D ≥ 500D-
< 500F


This course will also be delivered to the Internet section online using Moodle learning management system with MIST/C, which has replaced the Network EducationWare (NEW) delivery system. All distance learning students are expected to actively participate in classroom discussions. The Moodle URL for CS department courses is at https://disted.c4i.gmu.edu/moodle/.

The procedure for installation is:


We will use the Java Network Workbench (JNW), software developed at GMU that simulates a protocol stack and displays the results, using a text interface. Students will create modules for Internet stack layers and run them in the JNW environment, as described in the text by Pullen. JNW is available for download from http://netlab.gmu.edu/compnets. Well commented code must be submitted for grading via an upload webpage at http://netlab.gmu.edu/moodle. Additional projects will be available for extra credit. Student problems with the project are to be addressed to the TA, who may refer them the instructor as needed. Additional project information will be found at http://netlab.gmu.edu/JNWS.


Week Topic(s) Textbook Chapter(s) Lecture Notes Extra Material Project Activity
Week-1: Jan. 23 Introduction Peterson Chapter 1 CS555-Lecture1 None JNW Setup
Week-2: Jan. 30 Physical Layer- Analog Communications Peterson Chapter 1/Chapter 2 CS555-Lecture2 None JDLC1 Assigned
Week-3: Feb. 06 Physical Layer- Digital Communications Peterson Chapter 2 CS555-Lecture3 None Work on JDLC1 Assigned


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