INFS 614-001/DL1: Database Management Spring 2012

Professor Alex Brodsky

Office: Nguen Engineering Bldg 4418, Phone:(703) 993-1529, Fax:(703)993-1710



Prerequisites: INFS 501, 515, 519, SWE 510 or equivalent

Required textbook:

      Database Management Systems, 3-rd ed. by Raghu Ramakrishnan & Johannes Gehrkem, McGraw-Hill.

Oracle 10g reference material, e.g.,

On-Line Course Resources:

 GMU Blackboard (

INFS-614-001 (please check frequently, at least once weekly before class for announcements)

Lectures: , Nguen Engineering building 4457 (electronic class room), Wednesday 4:30 7:20 PM (see schedule below)

Professor's Office Hours: Tuesdays 4:00 5:30 PM (no need to schedule, but call to verify before coming)

Teaching Assistant:

Muzammil Sagheer

Office hours: TBD


Requirements: The students are expected to attend all lectures and finish homework assignments on time. (The assignment and due dates as noted above are approximate ones. The precise dates will be given on the assignment sheets.) The students are also expected to attend the two in-class examinations.

Project: Important dates are listed. See project assignment for details.

Computings Resources:

General. Oracle database management system is installed in an IT&E Unix server, which is accessible online.

VPN and Oracle Account Setup and Access. Go to the website,, to follow the procedures to setup your VPN and Oracle account. First, you need to install the VPN and make it work so that you can also access the DB at home or your workplace. Then follow the procedure to get the Oracle account and access it. 

Working with Oracle.  Oracle 10g reference material, e.g.,


Grading policy:The final grades assigned to the students are based on their performance on homework assignments (15%), midterm exam (34%), final exam (44%) and a semester-long project (7%). The score of 90% or higher guarantees an A grade, of 75% or higher - a B grade, of 60% or higher - a C grade. Late homework and projection submission is allowed up to one week (unless disallowed explicitly) but with 5% penalty each day. A submission is considered on time if submitted within 5 minutes after the class begins. Faxed-in submission is accepted but the student should inform the instructor appropriately


Tentative Class Schedule





HW Assigned

HW Due

Project Due


Jan 25


Chapter 1





Feb. 1

ER Model

Chapter 2

HA 1




Feb. 8

No class






Feb.  15

ER & Relational Model

Chapter 3





Feb. 22

Relational Algebra

Chapter 4

HA 2

HA 1



Feb. 29

Relational Algebra & Calculus

Chapter 4





Mar. 7


Chapter 5.1 – 5.7





Mar. 14

Spring Break – No class






Mar. 21


Chapter 5.1 – 5.7





Mar. 23

Friday 5:30-7:30 extra class

Catch-up and review for midterm exam






Mar. 28

Midterm Exam






Apr. 4


Chapter 5.1 – 5.7





Apr. 11

Schema Refinement and Normalization

Chapter 15





Apr. 18


Chapter 51





Apr. 25

Advanced topics






May 2

Catch-up and review for final exam






May 9

Final exam