SWE 510, Spring 2012
Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Location: Innovation Hall, room 204
Time: 7:20 P.M. to 10:00 PM, Thursdays

Instructor: R o w l a n d  W.  P i t t s
Email: r p i t t s (at) g m u . e d u
Website: http://cs.gmu.edu/~rpitts/swe510Syllabus
Office Hours:     by appointment, or email anytime

Text: Absolute Java (4th Edition), Addison Wesley, Savitch
                      (3rd Edition OK)


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General Course Policies:
  • The University Catalog will cover most policies, but the following course specific policies will also be in effect.
  • Attendence: The university attendance policy considers excused only those absences associated with official school activities (athletics, etc) and religious holidays. Unfortunately, work-related travel is not considered excused. Students are responsible for any material missed when absent from class.
  • Makeup work (tests/quizzes/etc): Life is sometimes complicated, and it's understood that a student may be absent or late from time to time. It's for that reason that the three lowest quiz scores are dropped, so no make up quizzes will be offered. Per university policy, the final exam must be taken during the officially scheduled time. Homework and programming assignments may be submitted electronically, so a student need not be on campus to do so.
  • Late assignments: Learning to program can be frustrating and complicated, and some students struggle more than others, or with one particular assignment or anther. For that reason, programming assignments may be submitted late, but with a 5% penalty per day (unless prior permission is obtained from the instructor), up to the point when a solution is discussed in class or posted online. Exams and quizzes must be taken at the appropriate time, and all work must be submitted before the last week of class.
  • Lab Time: Unlike its undergraduate equivalents, SWE 510 has no structured lab component; however, time permitting, some class time may be devoted to hands-on work related to a programming assignment or in-class examples. Therefore, students are welcome to bring laptops in order to take advantage of these opportunities, should they arrise; however, this should not be construed as a promise or gaurantee of "lab time" in class.
  • Electronic devices (laptops, smartphones, etc): Phone usage, text and/or instant messaging, emailing, and web surfing are not allowed in class. Computers may only be used to discretely follow the course material. Habitual violators will be asked to leave the class.
  • General Conduct: Students and the instructor will conduct themselves with courtesy and respect at all times. Discussion and disagreement are acceptable; however, arguments, insults and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in the classroom.

Academic Integrity:
  • All provisions of the GMU Honor Code and CS Department Honor Code Policies are in effect. Each student has signed a statement agreeing to abide by the honor code.
  • Honor Code violations will be reported to the Honor Committee.
  • If any student makes an allegation of an honor code violation to the instructor, the instructor is obligated to report it.

Accommodations for Disabilities:
  • Students in need of academic accommodations for disabilities should contact the Office for Disability Services (ODS) at 993-2474, and provide the instructor with appropriate documentation. All academic accommodations must be arranged through the ODS.