SWE 622
Distributed Software Engineering

Spring 2014
Location: Nguyen Engineering Building, Room 1110
Time: Tuesday 7:20-10:00pm


Dr. Sam Malek 
Electronic Mail: smalek@gmu.edu
Office: Nguyen Engineering Building, Room 4431
Office Phone: +1-703-993-1677


This course conveys key concepts for designing and building distributed software systems.  The course is geared towards software engineers that work mostly at the application-level, but need to understand the features and limitations of existing middleware for distributed systems.  Additionally, the course covers some research topics related to currently open problems. Specifically, some of the topic that will be covered are as follows: definition and scope of distribution, principles of communication and computation, software architectures of distributed systems, middleware systems, service discovery, quality of service, adaptive and self-* systems, mobility, security, and fault tolerance. 


Textbook and Readings




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Academic Integrity

George Mason's policy concerning student conduct applies.  Although students are encouraged to discuss the topics covered in class, all homework assignments, exams, and projects are to be completed individually, unless joint work is explicitly authorized by the instructor. If joint work is authorized, all contributing students must be listed on the submission. Presenting as one's own the words, the work, or the opinions of someone else without proper acknowledgment is plagiarism. Any deviation from the aforementioned policies is considered to be a violation of GMU’s Honor Code, and, as a minimum, will result in failure of the submission and, as a maximum, failure of the class.